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Shanghai Saipwell Electric Co., LTD.

Enclosures, Thermostat, Heater, Industrial Plug, Industrial Plug, Junction Box

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About us
Saip Electric Group Co ., Ltd ( called ” Saip ” forshort ) is an enterprise specialized in design,Website:, production and sales of electricequipments. Head office located in the largest manufacturing base of electricequipment of Wenzhou China, which is called ” the Electric Equipment Capital of China ” , next to Shanghai and Ningbo Ports. Saip has Five specialized branches, over 300 specialized cooperative partners. Saip, an ISO9001 certificatedenterprise, owns modern production lines and high quality controlling equipmentwith scientific administration, professional engineers, highly trained teamstechnicians and skilled workers. Now Saip has five design and production basesin Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Turkey and Shanghai (China Mainland), 28 salesorganizations in the world and more than 50 holding member enterprises. Saipproducts cover wind energy, solar energy, low-voltage apparatus, welding equipment,instrument and meter, photoelectron, electrical... [View Company Profile]
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